Principle of Magnetic Particle Extraction

taco™/ taco™mini System is built for replacing manual extraction of nucleic acids. Quality nucleic acids from multiple samples can be extracted within 50 minutes by simply pressing the “START” button. Optimized extraction kits and exclusive consumables for taco™/ taco™mini System streamline the extraction procedures and prompt your bench and lab to be organized and structured.

taco™/ taco™mini System is based on the magnetic separation technology, with the special design of the disposable taco™ Plate & Comb which is provided with the reagent kit. Samples and reagents including the magnetic particles are dispensed into the wells according to the corresponding kit instructions.

The automated steps performed by the taco™/ taco™mini System include:
• Magnetic Bead is transferred and mixed with samples.
• Samples are lysed and nucleic acids are bound to Magnetic Bead.
• The impurity is washed away from the nucleic acids bound Magnetic Bead.
• Nucleic acids are eluted from the Magnetic Bead.

Magnetic Particle Transfer Technology


Fig 1. With taco™ Total DNA Extraction Kit, genomic DNA can be extracted from various sample types.

Fig 2. With taco™ Total DNA Extraction Kit, the result shows high consistence among samples from the same person's whole blood.

Fig 3. No Cross-contamination to neighbor well. PCR templates are extracted from 200 μl spiked plasmid (1x106, lane 1, 3, 5 and 7) and non-template control (lane 2, 4, 6 and 8).