“Enrich your life through technology innovation” is GeneReach’s corporate vision and drive for every action. While getting involved in Health Management Business in various industries, GeneReach executes this goal constantly and passionately, and is committed to environmental care and social feedback.

Environmental Care

Old Tree Conservation

GeneReach has adopted the old trees from an old tree rescuer club since 2008. The trees were planted in our garden.

Green Building

The GMP factory of GeneReach follows the green building principles. The green building material and special structure design of the facility reduce the environmental impact and conserves cooling and lighting resources.

Social Feedback

GeneReach Ecology Garden

We keep adopting the old trees to create a nature garden in corporate headquarter. Not only offer our employees and their family to enjoy this nice environment, we are planning to open an academy for educational purposes in the future.

Philanthropy Donation

GeneReach donates to minority groups routinely and periodically donates to the charity and/or non-govenmental organization (NGO) when the nature disaster occurred.