taco™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagents

The taco™ Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent products are specially designed to be used on taco™/ taco™mini Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction System. The assay adopt the advanced magnetic separation technology, homogenized sample cells are lysed and nucleic acids are conjugated by silica coated magnetic beads. Washing Buffer is then applied to remove impurities, and Eluting Buffer to recover nucleic acids from magnetic beads followed by serial washing steps. The products can extract nucleic acid from whole blood, buffy coat, animal tissues and cells from user self-verified homogenized methods for research purposes.


Item Package Size

taco™ Total DNA Extraction Kit

- For extracting total DNA from whole blood and buffy coat
320 rxns

taco™ DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

- For extracting viral DNA and RNA from various sample types
320 rxns
48 rxns

taco™ Plant DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

- For extracting nucleic acid from various plant sample types
320 rxns

taco™ Preloaded DNA/RNA Extraction Set

- Preloaded 48-Well Plate for DNA/RNA extraction
48 rxns
(6 plates)

taco™ Sample Storage Solution

- Preloaded solution for specimen collection, storage and nucleic acid stabilization.
- IVD Reagent available
48 rxns