POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer
Smart PCR for point-of-need detection

POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer is a powerful point-of-need PCR detection tool that combines advanced insulated isothermal polymerase chain reaction (iiPCR) technology. With its high sensitivity/specificity, user-friendly interface and short turn-around time, POCKIT™ can offer clinical diagnostic laboratory, veterinarian and breeding industry an effective solution for disease surveillance.

  • Innovative Technology

    Based on insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR) technology.
  • High Sensitivity and Specificity

    Sensitivity and specificity equivalent to real-time PCR with the analytical sensitivity up to 10 copies per reaction.
  • Fast Point-of-Need Detection

    Quick turn-around time, with PCR result ready within 1 hour.
  • Easy to Use

    • One-touch operation without programming.
    • Automated PCR data interpretation.
  • Deployable

    Compact design for easy transportation.


POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer

PCR Amplification Technology iiPCR
Fluorescent Wavelength 520 nm, 550 nm
Sensitivity Up to 10 copies per reaction
Throughput 1 - 8 samples per run
PCR Reaction Time Approx. 1 hour
Display 3.5-inch touch panel LCD
Dimensions & Weight 280 (W) × 250 (D) × 85 (H) mm, 2.1 kg
Operating Temperature 15 - 35°C
Power Source 100-120/200-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 2A
Data Storage SD/SDHC memory card
Warranty Information 1-year limited warranty


iiPCR Specific Reagents
Human IVD Assays

POCKIT™ Mobile Laboratory

To make it deployable, we have combined everything you need into mobile packages: POCKIT™ combo, so you can take on any nucleic acid detection tasks anytime, anywhere.


Overview POCKIT™ combo combines nucleic acid extraction and detection into one package and comes in as a transportable hard-shell suitcase including a taco™ mini Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System, a POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer, a mini-centrifuge, and two micropipettes.
  • Dimension
  • 629 (W) × 497 (D) × 353 (H) mm / 20 kg
Components 1 × POCKIT™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer
1 × taco™ mini Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System
1 × cubee™ Mini-Centrifuge
2 × Micropipettes (p1000 & p50)