Real-time PCR system for detection of Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP)

PCR technology has been commonly employed in the aquaculture industry for disease diagnosis and prevention. But with the growing demands for a quantitative research tool and requirement for a high throughput screening system, real-time PCR is receiving more attention and becoming more important in the industry.
GeneReach has developed IQ REAL™ EHP Quantitative System, a real-time PCR-based diagnostic system. Its advanced designs, listed below, provide an accurate, sensitive, and flexible real-time PCR system for EHP detection in the shrimp culture industry.

Advantages of IQ REAL™ EHP Quantitative System:
  1. TaqMan® assay strategy : This system can tolerate higher sample loads than SYBR Green based reaction. Consequently, it is able to detect samples of very low target/shrimp cell ratios.
  2. Dual color design: This system can quantify both target pathogen (FAM) and shrimp (VIC) genomic nucleic acid in a single reaction. The built-in internal control (VIC) prevents any false negative interpretation of results due to failed extraction or inhibition.
  3. Absolute and comparative quantitation: This system can quantify the target pathogen by both absolute quantitation method (Qab, target quantity/μl) and comparative quantitation method (Qcp, target quantity/10,000 shrimp cells). The Qcp method can reflect the actual infection level and provide consistent results for a sample within a wide range of concentration.
  4. No standard required for Qcp method: There is no need to make a calibration curve for Qcp method. Since the ΔΔCt strategy is used to interpret the final results, there is no need to generate a standard curve in each run, saving reagent costs in the long run.