Real-time PCR system for detection of Infectious Hypodermal and Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHHNV)

PCR technique has been commonly employed in the aquaculture industry for disease diagnosis and prevention. With the growing demand for a quantitative research tool and requirement for a high throughput screening system, real-time PCR is receiving more attention and becoming more important in the industry.
GeneReach has developed IQ REAL™ IHHNV Quantitative System, a real-time based diagnostic system. Its advanced designs, listed below, provides an accurate, sensitive, and flexible real-time system to the shrimp farming industry.

Advantages of IQ REAL™ IHHNV Quantitative System:
  1. TaqMan® assay strategy: This system can tolerate higher concentration of sample load than SYBR Green. Consequently, it is able to detect the samples with very low viral/shrimp cell ratio.
  2. Dual color design: This system can quantify both viral (FAM) and shrimp genomic nucleic acid (VIC) by a single reaction. This built-in internal control avoids the false negative resμlts from failed extraction or inhibition.
  3. Absolute and comparative quantitation: This system can quantify the viral amount by both absolute quantitative method (Qab, viral amount/μl) and comparative quantitative method (Qcp, viral amount/ 10,000 shrimp cells). The Qcp method can reflect the real infectious level and provide constant result for a sample within wide range of concentration.
  4. No standard required: There is no need to make a calibration curve for Qcp method. Since a unique ΔΔCt strategy is introduced to interpret the final result , there will be no waste for standards, as the reagents are only for the use of samples.
■  TaqMan® is the trademark licensed under Applied Biosystems.